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Are the collars waterproof and rechargeable?
Yes, all our collars are waterproof and rechargeable.
At what age can a dog use a Bark Controller?
From approx. 6 months.
At what age can a dog use a Remote Trainer?
From approx. 9 months.
At what age is it OK for a cat to use a Pet Fence?
From approx. 6 months, but we would recommend you get the collar and let the cat wear it for a few hours each day so they get used to wearing it.
At what age is it OK for a dog to use a Pet Fence?
From approx. 6 months.
Can I install the PACDOG Pet Fence myself?
Yes the PACDOG Pet Fence System is designed for easy, DIY installation. Have a sneak peek at our pet fence product manual.
Do I have to bury the fence wire for a Pet Fence?
Wire can be buried (50-100mm, 2-3 inches) below ground to cross driveways or areas where you may be cutting grass; laid on a surface; tacked to an existing fence; or threaded through bushes and hedges at the level of your dog/cats neck.
How long should a dog/cat wear the collar?
Avoid leaving the PACDOG collar on your dog/cat for over 12 hours per day and wash your dog/cat's neck area weekly.
Will it hurt my dog?
No, the correction level is similar to the “Static” you get when you touch a car door, or on a TENS machine used to manage pain in humans. It is just above most dog’s comfort zone so it distracts the dog to get their attention.
How do I contact you?
  Please click here for our company contact information.