Fence Layouts

Pet Containment is different for everyone. No two boundaries are the same. Below are some of the more common permitter wire solutions out there (note: twisted section gives dog free access).

Lots more options for fitting wire around areas you wish to contain in - for example, flower beds, play areas, ponds, pools etc. exist.

One entrance only. Blocking access to road.

Where you only need to enclose part of your garden, you can run the wire in parallel, but the wire must be at least 1 meter apart.

Full garden boundary loop with 'no-go' zone around swimming pool.

Double loop, dual zone, zone within zone.

When choosing a boundary, its good to try follow natural boundary markers e.g. fence, wall, line of bushes, trees or the edge of the lawn. Crossing the lawn, for example, is not recommended, since the dog will not easily recognise a non natural boundary.

If burying cable or laying it on the surface consider protecting it from excessive wear (e.g. when running across a gravel driveway) or accidental damage (e.g. by a gardener's spade or lawn mower) by running it through a protective sheath e.g. a plastic hose pipe.

Need more help? Please Contact Us to find the right layout solution for you and your dog.