Our Tips for Visiting Family or Friends

Bring your dog along when visiting. PACDOG have some great options for you so you can
Make Memories with the Whole Family!

How it Works

Option 1

Bring your existing PAC Fence System.

What's needed: Buy and layout extra fence boundary wire at the house you're visiting. If its a one off visit, why not feed the wire through a hose pipe making it easy to lay out, and collect again. If its a more regular visiting spot, install boundary wire by laying over the ground, buried 2-3 inches down, fed through hose pipe, tacked to an existing fence or through a hedge etc. if fitting it off the ground keep it approx. at the level of your dog’s neck from the ground and not much higher.
Then bring the dog with its charged collar, and disconnect and bring your own PAC Fence Control Unit, connect it to the new wire and plug in. Enjoy some quality time visiting while your Dog roams the garden safely.

Option 2

Bring your dogs charged PAC Fence Collar to a house that already has a PAC Fence system.

What's needed: Fence boundary wire laid out and installed at the house you're visiting, along with a connected PAC Fence Control Unit. Easy as that - your dogs collar will work on that system! Sit back and enjoy your visit knowing your dog is safe and sound.

Option 3

DID you know, ANY number of dogs each wearing a PAC Fence Collar can be contained within the area you have set. Neat hey! Make sure your family and friends dogs have PAC Fence Collars and use PAC Fence Containment Systems... don't miss out on visitors because "Someone has to mind the dog!"